Count the Shoes as they Fall

November/03/2013 5:22AM
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Journalism in this country is a joke. This humble blog told the readers that serious OmamaCare problems are coming down the road. How did we know? Basic journalism– we tried to buy the junk.

Here’s some more thoughts about ObamaCare, the product that just gets worse. Let’s identify the shoes that have fallen and will continue to fall.

1. The web site, at a cost of a billion dollars doesn’t work.

2 . If you like your doctor–too bad–many of you will not get to keep your doctor.

3. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Sorry, not true for millions.

4. The big security breach. Soon we will find that many people trying to enroll, people who were required to provide personal information to get a proposal-will find their person data, including social security number- is floating around for identity theft.

5. Virtually no one has bought the junk. (6 people nationwide signed up day one, 240 by day two)

6. The product is terrible. Bad insurance with extremly high deductibles at high prices.

7. The program will be fraught with fraud. It will begin with smokers. The premium in the premiums for smokers is high, so just lie and get the non-smoker price. Do you really believe the government can monitor this issue? So it’s a new form of income redistribution. Obama, a smoker, will insure his fellow smokers at the non-smoker price. This will drive up premium prices for non-smokers.


Eventually some of those highly paid journalists will work their way through this list of falling shoes..ObamaCare is a total failure. An effort by interns to re-engineer 18% of the US economy in 6 months. It’s a joke and no one is laughing. Especially the Democrats who will be up for election next year.

Stay tuned.




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