ObamaCare for Dummies

October/12/2013 5:18AM
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I admit, I was one who was opposed to ObamaCare without truly understanding why. It was suspicion that something thrown together in days by interns couldn’t deal with a complex issue like national heath care.

Today, I can explain why it won’t work.

First and foremost, the insurance is too expensive. It was designed to provide insurance for the 30 million uninsured. It did not address the reasons why they were uninsured.

In many cases it was because they weren’t uninsured. They just went to the emergency rooms to be treated. The hospitals knew they couldn’t pay so they were never billed. To sell this law the politicians used the chronically ill as examples. A person with terminal cancer without insurance who couldn’t find treatment. This was a problem, but one that could be solved without redesigning the entire health care system. Just as we pay to rebuild houses for those who keep building them in areas that get hit by floods and hurricanes, we could pay into a “flood insurance” health care pool for those who fit the bill of not being able to get treatment for serious health issues because they are uninsured or uninsurable. To address this problem, ObamaCare will destroy the system for every American.

The biggest problem will be employer sponsored health care, the way most Americans receive health care. Corporations began this to be competitive in the hiring arena. They still do it for that reason only. They don’t like it. It takes lots of resources to do this. They have looked for excuses to stop doing it for years. Now, with ObamaCare they have the perfect opportunity. Corporations have been smart about health care just as they have about all their costs. They have shopped for the best deal. They have gone from free to employee participation over the years. They offered lower cost options like HMO’s for employees to choose. They found COBRA options for employees who retired before Medicare. Despite this, health care remains a big employee cost. Just as IBM has dropped supplemental Medicare for retirees, soon a big employer will announce they have dropped health care completely, letting employees buy from Obama. So, the 60% of the population who were getting health care from employers and were happy with that, will find they are on their own and will be paying a lot more for insurance. Obama delalyed this for a year because he didn’t want employers to be dropping health insurance coverage ahead of the mid-term elections.

Young people won’t buy insurance, they will pay the fine. Illegals won’t buy insurance, and won’t have to pay the fine, they will keep going to emergency rooms. Poor people who have used Medicaid will find the fine is easier and cheaper. Plus, Medicaid budgets will be cut.

Those of us on Medicare will find our doctors will stop seeing us because the $90 billion being cut out of Medicare will make us undesirable patients. Remember, just like the employer mandate, this was just delayed for a year.

Americans buying their own insurance are getting notices that their premiums are going up. Way up. They will pay dearly to try to make this mess work. Those notices are going out this month.

The insurance being offered by ObamaCare is too expensive. So, few will buy, except for the aforementioned with pre-existing conditions. When the conditions go away, should they, they will drop the insurance. Many will just pay the fine anyway since they can’t be denied treatment.

They you have it. Now, we aren’t dummies about ObamaCare. It was sold to solve a one-million person a year problem, people with pre-existing conditions who can’t get treatment. To solve that problem, we will all pay a price. Not in dollars that could have been used to solve that problem, but far bigger problems. Many will lose their health insurance they now have. Many will find it harder to get their present doctors to treat them.

And, the nation will sink deeper and deeper in debt since young people won’t be buying the insurance nor will those who thought it would be much cheaper than it is. Billions more in cost. Billions we don’t have.

That’s what the big fight is all about. We have a president who in not competent to run a country. He needs to have his signature piece of legislation exposed for what it is and defunded. He needs to have his spending checked. He needs to have the senate overturned and a republican majority put in to stop every bad idea he decides to implement. Simple as that.

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