Edsel Ford and Barack Obama

October/09/2013 5:21AM
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Let’s set-aside pre-existing conditions, which is a reform that was needed in health care. Just as we have national flood insurance, we could have funded the cost to cover pre-existing condition insurance.

Why do the rest of the uninsured not have health insurance? Some can’t afford insurance. That’s why we’ve had Medicaid. Nothing changes under ObamaCare, those who can’t afford insurance are referred to Medicaid.

The rest choose not to buy insurance even though they can afford it. Many people between ages 50 and 65 work mostly for insurance benefits. With ObamaCare they can drop out of the workplace and pay the $95 fine vs. buying insurance that might cost as much as $20,000 a year. Who eats the true cost of health insurance for this high-risk group?

Employers have insured employees to be competitive with other employers. ObamaCare gives employers a chance to get out of the insurance business. Many will do that. Sending employees to the exchanges to buy their own insurance. It may be more expensive with ObamaCare, since employers leveraged the cost of employee insurance across many employees.

ObamaCare is built on the premise that healthy young people will buy insurance. Why should they? They will end up paying the fine for not having insurance knowing they can get insurance if they get sick.

Today a man called into a radio show while I was listening. He was really mad. He finally got through on the phone to learn that a family of four in Illinois with two parents in their early forties would pay $700 a month for the silver package. Here is what the man said. First, he was upset because he thought ObamaCare insurance was going to be free, like food stamps. Next he said he could lease a Mercedes for $700 a month.

He said he couldn’t afford a Mercedes so he sure as hell couldn’t afford Obama’s health insurance. He finished by saying he would pay the $95 and still have insurance-how dumb does Obama think he is?

Right now that’s the lay of the land under the Obama law of the land. Few will buy the expensive insurance being peddled except those with pre-existing conditions. The rest will pay the fine.

For this, the entire health care system that serves a vast majority of Americans will will be disrupted. Employers will drop employee health insurance. $900 billion will be cut from Medicare. Even those on Medicaid will experience problems. Just as Edsel Ford became a joke for the rest of his life because his name was on the worst automotive lemon in US history, Barack Obama will become the Edsel of healthcare. Forever known as the name behind the biggest piece of lemon legislation in US history.. “The law of the land,” as the president calls his signature bill will replace prohibition as the worst idea ever put into law.

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