Chicago Tribune Article on Health Care Costs

October/23/2013 5:00AM
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The Chicago Tribune tells us health care costs went down 3% in 2013. Further, it’s, according to the Tribune, the smallest increase in 11 years. Great news, right? The big Obama promise to lower health care costs is working, right?

Wrong. Like everything ObamaCare there is seldom good news. To find the bad news you must read the entire article. Especially if it’s in a biased news source like the Tribune.

Here’s the bad news. Employees’ share of health care went up 9% as employers’ cut their rate of participation. That number is expected to go up another 9% next year.

Further, employers’ provided coverage with higher deductibles and fewer benefits. That, too, will get worse in 2014 as employers’ tailor their insurance to meet, not exceed, the minimum required by ObamaCare. Some companies, like UPS, have dropped spousal coverage.

Every American with employer insurance coverage is about to get screwed by ObamaCare. That’s over 60% of the health care-covered population. Many of these individuals are just now being informed that they will have skin in the game. My guess, 99.9%, never dreamed that they would pay a big price to insure the uninsured. These will be unhappy campers. Pissed would be a better description.

Most will not be voting for Democrats next year.

Obama was crowing about his defeat of the Republicans in the abortive government shutdown standoff. His advice, “if you want to get big things done, win an election”.

If you want to lose an election, create the worst piece of law ever written in this country’s history, put your name on it, and refuse to let the other party change it or delay it and watch as it angers the entire country.

President Obama, the best thing that could have happened to your legacy and the future of the Democratic Party was to have the Republicans defund ObamaCare. When the rooster crows before dawn his crowing days will soon be over.

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