Things America Has to Do

September/27/2013 5:35AM
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This is a short list of requirements we must keep doing in this country.

1. Borrowing money to meet our spending requirements. Just as a junkie must steal to support a habit, we must steal from our grandkids to support our spending. If a politician votes to stop or lower spending we fire him or her.

2.Fighting all the world’s wars. We did in the last century and it made us king of the hill. To stay king of the hill we must keep doing it. There is a bit of a problem(see 1, above)

3. Let the government run everything. To do this we become Cuba or Detroit, but it makes politicians more powerful and they decide how much government we need. Government can’t run anything–see Post Office, Freddie and Fannie, the FHA, Amtrak, Medicare(fraud), the TSA, etc. But, you will get more(ObamaCare) whether you want it or not. (see above, makes politicians more powerful).

4. Add more to food stamp rolls. (see 1 and 3 above)

5. Keep from drilling, stop fracking, and keep the hold on the Keystone Pipeline. Eliminate coal-fired power plants, etc. Fracking has added $1,200 to every household in this country, Europe has started burning coal because wind, solar, and cap-and-trade hasn’t worked. But, there is that little fable about climate change and that environmental lobby, so we must comply. regardless of 1 and 3 above.  Oh yes, let’s keep ethanol in the mix while we are managing energy for the masses.

6. Have all of the above spun by a complicit media so it all sounds so great.

7. Have all of the above taught in our schools by our union teachers and far left professors so we raise another generation that buys this plan.

8. Continue to hire the worst possible people to run things at all levels of government. People who have law degrees but seldom practiced law or spent their entire lives in jobs other than running something. He who has the biggest war chest gets the job. And, can keep it until they die. Pay them too much and give them better benefits than those who hired them. Have zero accountability so we have no measure of their performance, except how much they gave us personally.

9. Run this whole program on the backs of those who choose to work and succeed despite the incentive to do neither. As they end each year with less, add more burden to them next year to see who much they can take. Let them watch their neighbors who do nothing get more with no effort until they quit and join the neighbors.

There you have it. It’s the plan that has made Cuba great. It’s being brought to every nick and cranny of America by the great leader, Obama. Take your next vacation to Cuba while you can still afford a vacation and see how great it is there. It’s like going to an antique car show seeing all those 1950 Chevy’s with all that rust still running.

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