Obama Insults the Nations’ Intelligence

September/16/2013 5:33AM
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Obama wants you to support him in a “limited” bombing of Syria.  You must do this to ensure American troops never die from chemical weapons in the future. That’s a big order for a token bombing to let Obama save face for creating a “red line”.

Just how ignorant does this president believe you are?

Limited bombing will not do the following:

1. Stop Assad from using chemical weapons the day after the bombs fall.

2. Will not get rid of Assad

3. Does not make one difference whether Iran or some other country uses chemical weapons in the future. In this country, God forbid, or on our troops in some other war in some other arena.

4. Reduce Assad’s stockpile of chemical weapons.

5.Does not help the rebels fighting the Assad regime. Rebels who might be worse than Assad.

6. Rebels who might pass chemical weapons on to countries worse than Syria-like Yemen or Iran.

Limited bombing could do the following:

1. Generate a missile attack on Israel creating a war.

2. Cause a terrorist attack here in the US.

3. Hit stored chemical weapons in Syria causing us to do what Assad did.

4. Force us into another war we can’t afford. Borrow money from China to wage war.


So, here’s Obama’s deal. No upside, all downside. Here’s a thought for you, Mr. President. We had a Civil War here once upon a time. No foreign country chose to come here to take sides and stop us from killing thousands. If we had not waged that war, you wouldn’t be president today. And if France or England had sided with the South our history would be far different.

What happened between the 1850’s and today that made us the world’s referee? What tells us to decide who should win a Civil War and what the terms of engagement should be when such a war breaks out anywhere in the world.

Then there’s that little matter of two atomic bombs we dropped on Japan. We are not totally innocent when it comes to using unconventional weapons and killing innocent non-combatants.

See, Mr. President I’m capable of independent thinking and I believe you have no case to bomb Syria. I believe the country has told you that. Don’t insult our intelligence by trying to convince us that it’s a good idea when it is a really bad idea. Suck it up, Mr. President and admit that you are in a really bad spot. You put yourself there by trying to sell a bad idea past the point where it’s reasonable.

You made a prime time speech asking us to support an act you will never consider and never do. What a waste of valuable air time.

It’s not your first bad idea you’ve sold this country. The worst, ObamaCare is going down in flames too. Basically, you were the bad idea and now we’re seeing that. Might be a good time to hunker down and keep quiet for the next three years.



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