Immigration and Small Business

August/24/2013 5:09AM
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Government in this country never fails, but,  if they should mess up just a bit, it’s always small business that pays the price.

Here’s the government’s policy on illegal immigration. The government knows we have 12 or so million illegals in this country. The government doesn’t want to round them up and send them home, which the government could do if they chose. But, the government tells business if they hire any of these illegals they are subject to the wrath of the government that created the problem and chooses to debate solutions rather than find a solution.

I spend the winter in Arizona. I give most of my car wash business to Danny’s Family Car Wash, a chain of very good and consistent car washes across the Phoenix market. Like any car wash I’ve visited in the past 20 years, Danny’s has mostly Latino employees. Like most customers I always suspect many are here illegally.

After years of not wondering, the Federal government decided to take action against Danny’s and find out how many have legal status. Here’s what happened.

According to the federal indictment, officials at Danny’s agreed a while back to get rid of non-citizens working without authorization at their establishments and then “… began re-hiring many of those same individuals by allowing them to assume “new” identities during the re-hiring process (which enabled them to pass background checks when their “new” identities were process through the E-Verify system). In many instances, DFC’s location managers, and other members of DFC’s upper management, affirmatively assisted these unauthorized aliens in obtaining their “new” identities – sometimes going so far as to help them secure counterfeit identification documents – and in falsifying the certification documents that need to be completed during the rehiring process.”

The investigation has led to charges of “knowingly hiring and employing unauthorized aliens, aggravated identify theft; identity theft; immigration document fraud; and false statements.”

So, the Feds will try to put Danny’s out of business for hiring and re-hiring illegals. Illegals, not “non-citizens” as Obama has labeled illegals. Obama believes labeling is more important than fixing a problem.

Too bad we can’t put the government out of business for creating the problem. And, how does that government decide which small businessman gets the special treatment that Danny’s got? The owner of Danny’s is a big contributor to the Republican Party. Does that get you the special attention?

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