Chicago Politics are Alive and Well in Washington DC

August/08/2013 5:06AM
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We, in Chicago, had the two great kings, Richard I and Richard II.(Daley) Richard II turned the keys over to Rahm Emanuel and he’s finding the car barely runs after the two Richard’s stripped it to bare metal.

Richard II is now making a fortune pretending to be an attorney for a big firm(can you say lobbyist?) pretending to teach at the University of Chicago, and dating a 40 something young lady he met at the gym.  Life is good for a retired king.

Meanwhile, Barack I is finding trouble on the job. As kings go, he copies Richard II, who did whatever he wanted in his reign as king of Chicago, including bulldozing Meigs Field in the dark of the night with approval from no one. Barack I is doing the same with coal-fired power plants, using the EPA as his bulldozer. Neither king sees the need to seek counsel from anyone and when something goes wrong as it always will, simply find someone to blame.

Barack I is currently plagued with what he has deemed “phoney scandals”.  Little problems like that Benghazi coverup, tapping the phones of journalists, the IRS scandal, the TSA scandal, and the whistleblower who fled to Russia and has been embraced by Putin.

Perhaps it is appropriate to chronicle the “phoney scandals” Richard II endured.

1. Operation Greylord in the 1980’s: Indicted: 92 people including 17 judges, 48 lawyers, one state legislator, and assorted police officials.

2. Operation Silver Shovel in the 1990’s: six Chicago aldermen  and a dozen others were convicted

3. Operation Safe Road, the late 1990’s, 75 convictions including the governor, George Ryan.

4. Operation Board Games, the last big shakedown that put Governor Blagojevich in prison for 14 years  and just put the last defendant last week, the last of 15 more to go, to jail. strangely, it was Barack I’s ascension to the throne that blew this phoney scandal apart. When Blago tried to sell Barack I’s senate seat to Jesse Jackson Jr. for a couple of million it got too far out of hand. Even for Chicago. Now Jesse Jr. and his wife will be sentenced to prison soon.

Interestly, Richard II who presided over all this corruption, never got involved in any of the mess swirling all around him. Kings never do. But, wherever kings rule there is corruption. Kings seem very prone to looking the other way. But, if they never initiate any of the investigations of their own messes, their people seem to believe that’s tacit endorsement that it’s OK to do what you want, just don’t call the King if you get caught.

Four operations over 25 years with dozens of aldermen, judges, police officials and even friends of Barack I(Tony Rezko) going to jail and King Richard retires to earn millions without a hint of scandal. “Phoney scandals” until the investigations were completed, the indictments issued, the trials conducted, and the sentences handed down. But, as one was wrapping up, the next was beginning.

Why do the minions of Barack I seem comfortable with lying, taking the Fifth amendment, destroying documents, stonewalling investigations, and believing there will be no repercussion from any of this behavior. Because the King is not upset with any of this behavior.

But, if any of these investigations, like all of those listed above in Chicago, begin to unearth the truth, as they will, watch the King turn his back on all of those who are going to trial and then to jail, as they will. Colleratal damage, as long as King Barack, like Kings Richard I and II, are clean. And, to a lesser extent, Queen Hilary I, whose monarchy depends on staying clean, escapes any punishment or involvement. Queen Hilary grew up in Chicago, remember.

See, those of you who haven’t lived in Chicago, need education about how these things work. There is no dirty trick too dirty not to be used if an election is on the line. There is no dollar that should be left untaken if  there is a reasonable chance you won’t get caught. Just don’t involve your king in the tricks or treats. He has no problem with what you are doing and won’t take any action against you unless a judge does. If that happens you are on your own.

See, this is how politics work in Chicago. How they have worked since the days of Al Capone. Now, the rest of the country gets to enjoy Chicago politics as “phoney scandals” become commonplace for the rest of the second term of Barack I.

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