100,000 Die, No Problem-100 Die Let’s Go to War

August/28/2013 5:36AM
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Iraq was a bad war. Bush was a fool for getting us involved in Iraq. Congress had to approve Bush’s moving against Sadam. The media said this was a bad war, a mistake from the outset. They never stopped the denouncement until Bush left. Obama blamed things on Bush from the Iraq war after he left with endorsement from the media.

Why is the Syrian civil war our problem? Obama shot off his mouth about the use of chemicals and created the so-called red line.Now Americans will die because Obama, as we know well, has a big mouth. No congressional approval needed. No explanation to the public. You see, kings don’t stoop to those levels. The fawning media doesn’t seem to see any problems with any of these acts. Per the media, a Syrian war would be a good war.

We watched while an estimated one hundred thousand Syrians died and politicians like John McCain, who never saw a war he wouldn’t fight, criticized Obama for not getting involved. McCain still sees us as the world’s policeman. A job that is bankrupting us. We can’t afford to solve all the world’s injustices. Neither in human assets or treasure. We are tired and broke. It’s time to set the ego aside and assess our true situation.

But, setting aside the huge mistake Obama is about to make, we are watching not only the end of our country’s dominance but also the end of journalism in America. There can be no explanation for what we are witnessing from the media. Obama gets a pass for everything. Two wars-Iraq and Syria, very similar in so many ways, but one is wrong and one is right. The only variable is a president with a liberal approach that fits the media’s political stance vs. a president whose conservative approach made the media detest him.

Another lesson learned. Get your news where you trust the source. Disregard the 75% who peddle the Obama drivel if you reject drivel.

Make your own choice about war in Syria. Don’t buy any Obama brand snake oil. Smoke is being blown again in massive volume. Be like Clinton, don’t inhale.

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