Hot Rumor in Illinois

July/04/2013 5:10AM
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Like all good reporters, I will never reveal my sources. But, a friend who spends a great deal of time in Springfield, Illinois, our fine Capitol city, passed on a big Springfield rumor to me.

Some background first. Illinois is broke. As I have writen about in this blog, the state is run by Michael Madigan. Nothing happens in this state without Madigan approving it first. Especially, pension reform, which must happen if the state is to avoid going broke. Madigan is blocking pension reform. Most believe it is to give his daughter, Lisa Madigan, curent Attorney General of Illinois,  the ticket to win the governorship in the next election. If Madigan can lay the blame on the current gvovernor for no pension reform, Lisa can beat Quinn in the primary. Shows how Illinois politicans, like Washington, politicans always put the good of the people behind the retention of power. Interesting rumor, but according to my friend, it’s dead wrong.

In Illinois, there’s always a better way to take care of the politicans. Usually, it’s graft and corruption, but sometimes it’s even more devious.

Here’s the latest. Obama will ease Holder out of the Attorney General positon. He’s too much of a liability to keep much longer. Then, Obama will appoint Dick Durbin the next Attorney General. Once that’s done, Governor Quinn will appoint Lisa Madigan to replace Durbin as the US Senator from Illinois. For that, Quinn gets another term as Governor, Michael Madigan gets his daughter named the next senator from the state without ever having to be governor. Obama gets rid of Holder and everyone is a winner.

Everyone except the people of Illinois. We still have the loser for governor because he will be reelected in this Democratic state. We have Michael Madigan still running the state into ruin. And now we have his daughter in Washington taking orders from Dad.

Aren’t politics fun in Illinois? It’s only a rumor, but let’s see how it play’s out.

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