Look What Obama Built You for $1.9 Billion

June/11/2013 5:27AM
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Obama’s Bat Cave: $1.9 Billion Data Center Set to Open In October


Due to open in October, this million plus square foot complex will hold the personal data the Obama administration is collecting on you, your neighbors, and your friends. Phone calls, e-mails, texts, etc.

With Dubya and Dick Cheney we knew they were looking for terrorists to protect us from when they wanted to snoop. Obama says terrorists are all gone, like dragons in Medieval times, he slayed them. No need to snoop anymore, except for enemies of the state like those of us who write blogs that are not always kind to the great one, King Barack. He’s hoping to sort us all out and see who gets the Texas treatment first.

The Texas treatment, as this blog outlined a few days ago, was where the lady in Texas who was requesting IRS approval for two right wing non-profits got the alphabet soup. The IRS, the FBI, the ATF, and OSHA all coming to visit. The Texas treatment is the full force of the Obama wrath. I guess he could still send ICE to deport you.

Remember Major Hassan still hasn’t gone to trial. He’s the terrorist we don’t call terrorist who shot up Ft. Hood.  We’re not much into catching and punishing terrorists in a military court anymore. That might be a deterrent to domestic terrorism. We prefer dropping a drone on the whole community in Yemen or somewhere. That’s a hell of a lot more humane than water boarding.

This little complex is being built in the mountains in Utah under the watchful eyes of our vigilant media with zero questions asked. Now that the media is finding out Obama spies on them, suddenly we have concern, but not enough to put it on page one.

Use your own imagination now that you know a little about how this president operates. What do you think he plans to use this little bat cave for? Just a small secret operation to collect secrets? Well, maybe not secrets, just data. Data on those who don’t see the world the same way Barack does. See, you don’t need to break into Watergate to get secrets anymore, just listen in on their phone conversations. Ask the Chinese, they listen to Barack’s phone conversations and laugh at the porn he looks at on line. While he’s watching us and James Rosen from Fox, the Chinese are stealing our military secrets right out from under our noses.

Here’s a tip, Mr. Obama, pay more attention to the Chinese, try Hassan, and leave us all alone. Otherwise, we will petition the Chinese to tell us where you were on the night Benghazi was attacked.


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