Detroit and Washington DC

June/22/2013 9:00AM
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In 1974, Coleman Young was elected mayor of Detroit. He was the first African-American mayor of Detroit. Young had flirtations with the Communist Party but disavowed any real membership. When Young took over as mayor of Detroit the unemployment was 9%. When he left office in 1993 it had grown to 11%. When Young died the worst president in America’s history(until the present), Jimmy Carter was quoted, “Coleman was the greatest mayor our country has known.”

When the bills come due the Coleman Young’s of this world are long dead. In his case, the city the great mayor presided over for 20  years is dying now too. But, the formula Young used to kill Detroit is alive and well in Washington DC.

It’s a simple formula that works for the politicians but doesn’t work for the country. Detroit’s deficit will grow to $1.35 billion in the next four years. But, it won’t. Detroit will file Chapter 9 bankruptcy. You see when you give everything you have away for years and years to be reelected eventually you run out of gifts to give. Public and private unions have sapped Detroit. Today 78,000 of the buildings in the city are abandoned or worse. Property tax collections are down 20% in the last five years. Detroit’s property and income tax rates are the highest in the state. But, residents just don’t pay, they can’t afford the taxes. The street lights don’t work and police response time is unreasonable.

You think this can’t happen to America? You would be wrong. We are on the same path as Detroit took in 1974. You think about it. Raise taxes to pay for benefits we can’t afford. Make promises we can’t keep. Run up the debt and let others worry about paying it down the road. Ignore the warnings. Get the votes by gifting the voters. Encourage living on the dole.

Than watch from the sidelines, or the grave, as the bills come due. Watch as people leave and the population shrinks. Raise taxes on fewer taxpayers. Have less money going into a pension fund that is paying out more and more all the time. Cut services as you raise taxes for less service.

Watch Detroit folks. It’s just a precursor of the future for the country. Not many illegal immigrants moving to Detroit these days. Mexico looks good vs. Detroit.


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