Anthony Weiner Says it All

June/14/2013 5:12AM
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Our country is a mess and we have ourselves to blame. We continue to elect the same incompetents over and over.

The state of Illinois is broke. The state is short $16 million a day on public employee pensions alone. Michael Madigan, a state repesentative,  has run the state for years. A Chicago Tribune writer calls Illinois, Madighanistan. Pension reform will not pass without Madigan’s approval. Madigan will not approve anything this year. Why? He wants to use this to insure the governor, Pat Quinn, can’t be reflected. Why? His daughter, Lisa Madigan, is the state’s attorney general and he wants her to replace Quinn as governor. That’s it. The financial distress of the state means nothing to King Madigan.

But, New York City trumps Illinois. Anthony Weiner stands a good chance of becoming the next mayor. Yep, the former New York state congressman. The Internet Weiner wagger. Sent girls he knew only from the Internet pictures of his little package. On the Internet, naturally, so they got published and aired.

A despicable human being. A proven pervert, who was the brunt of late night TV jokes. The man who was also a serial liar. He not only lied about his perverted acts, but he viciously attacked those who accused him of doing what he did. His sweet wife, Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s aide, is his biggest supporter on the campaign trail. Do these spouses know no shame? Hillary knows this role well and can coach Huma. Hang in there, Huma, if you do maybe you can be president of the United States as I hope to be. It’s worth it to stick with a creep.

So that sums it up for me. The people of New York City can do no better than Weiner for mayor.

This is what it has come to in our great country. No one decent with pure motives and talent wants any part of politics. We get the worst of the worst. And, we keep putting them back in office even though we know how bad they are.

They don’t get much worse than Weiner.

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