The Republican Party Needs to Shed the Hawks

May/02/2013 6:33AM
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I thought I would never say anything could be worse than having Barack Obama as president, but I must. Having John McCain would be far worse. This man has never seen a potential war he doesn’t like. He banged the table over Egypt, Libya, and now is all over Syria. This man is the poster geezer for what’s wrong with the Republican party. He supports the wrong liberal causes and strongly supports old conservative causes that need to be scrapped.

This country is tired of trying to fix the Middle East. This country can no longer afford to be the policeman for human rights violations. If Syria wants to have a civil war, it’s not our business. Sad, but true. We are broke and short on young people to fight anymore. Not our job. If they unleash chemical warfare on their people, take it to the UN. Let China stop it, they are the new world power. Mainly because they don’t fight wars in the Middle East. They use the money to upgrade their country instead.

Better yet, move the UN to China and then drop the Syrian problem on them. Stop supporting an organization that we fund and then watch as they kick sand in our face day in and day out.

Ron Paul had this one right. We did the right thing in WWII, but it was the last righteous war. Still that legacy exists in Washington. We must always be the one to fix problems all over the globe. It’s time to step back and stop drawing lines in the sand, like Obama did with Syria, then realizing we can’t stop what they are doing. With egg on his face and McCain pointing out the egg daily, Obama may be forced to do something stupid. Hopefully, he will  choose what he always chooses, to take another trip to Hollywood instead of sending bombs to Syria.

It’s time for the Republican Party to realize the will of the people, not a Republican charter that is outdated, like throwing Latinos out of the county and losing that growing vote. We may have all we can handle to protect ourselves from terrorism in this country down the road. Or, missiles coming in from North Korea.

Sadly, if the Syrians choose to kill each other, we can only criticize. We don’t know if the rebels would be worse than what they have now. How do you pick sides in this mess? If you aren’t John McCain and think rationally, you don’t.

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