The House of Cards is Crashing Down

May/23/2013 6:33AM
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The card went up this week that will bring down all the cards. Obama, through his Justice Department, declared James Rosen of Fox News a criminal so they could tap his phone and read his personal e-mails. There may have been two other Fox News people who received criminal treatment as well.

There is only one organization nastier than Obama and his Chicago political machine and that is the media. Once they smell blood they will attack and eat anything that moves, even another shark. They have circled around Obama and protected him like a pilot fish. Pilot fish get immunity from sharks until they bleed, just as the Ibis that eats the bugs from the crocodile’s mouth gets a pass. Obama is bleeding now and the the sharks smell the blood. He has crossed the line with sharks by labeling them a criminal for doing their normal investigative business, then prying into their personal lives.

Obama brought us Socialism and now he brings us Communism. Where government must control the media. Where any enemy of the state will be dealt with by  the multitude of  means that government can use to punish enemies.

This act is the absolute beginning of Obama’s trip down Watergate Lane. Dirty tricks was the label put on the Nixon actions and his enemies list. What label will Obama get?

A complacent media that ignored so many things in the last four years is becoming active. Journalists are actually doing journalistic work. They are just scratching the surface. As they dig deeper we will find just how bad it really has become in the Obama administration. There is no damage control that will excuse the acts that have been committed in the name of reelection and retribution for those who disagree.

Democrats who next stand for reelection will jump not step away from Obama. The party itself will force the issue and there will be hearings and quite likely impeachment.

The truth will set us free to become America again.

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