Obama’s Watergate

May/08/2013 5:50AM
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Nixon left office because he lied to the public. Obama has done the same with Benghazi. It’s not going away.

Putting fingers in the dyke might work until you run out of fingers. Obama had enough fingers to keep the water back until the election was over. Now he’s out of fingers. Too many people know too much to keep the leaks plugged. And, some who know too much are pretty angry. They want to tell their story.

In his last press conference, the President said he didn’t know anything about the whistle blowers who were being denied the option of blowing the whistle. Another lie. Do you really believe the president wasn’t told the dyke is breaking?

Here’s what is going to come out when the whistles blow. Short and sweet. The White House knew from the get go that an American ambassador and three other Americans died in a terror attack. They got the facts immediately. Someone decided to stonewall the facts. They did it  for days.

Further, help was available to save those lives, but the Administration refused to act and let them die.

Now that will become public knowledge. The dyke is so full of leaks Obama can’t stop the flood. He can choose to deepen the cover up, like erasing the tape, vis a vis, Nixon, or he can come clean. Either way, it’s curtains for Hillary.

She’s done her version of “I never had sex with that woman” and will be branded a second family liar.

Stay tuned, this is going to get brutal.

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