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May/11/2013 6:33AM
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When Obama and the Democrats reduce payroll taxes it’s to stimulate the economy. People have more money in their pockets, they spend it, and it creates jobs.

When Obama and the Democrats see an opportunity to raise taxes they seem to develop amnesia about the aforementioned economic stimulation. They demonstrated that this week. The Senate passed a bill to put sales taxes on Internet sales. This will give states approximately $11 billion in new tax revenue from $200 billion in sales. Free money. A gift from above, so to speak. Washington gives to the lowly states to help fund the costs Washington has put on the lowly states, like ObamaCare. You know the old saw, one hand washes the other. Or, let them dip their beak.

Here’s where the logic of this defies me. Why is this different than the payroll tax reduction and why do Democrats like one and don’t like the other. Taxing Internet sales takes money out of the economy, less sales get made, and fewer jobs get created. The exact opposite of the payroll tax reduction. Certainly not everyone making purchases on the Internet is rich, so that’s not the reason. I’m just speculating here, but I think it could be the blessed ignorance of my fellow Americans. Sorry, but I will try to explain.

If you put money in a person’s paycheck, it’s noticed. If you add money to a person’s Internet purchase, it is not likely to be seen. If you accept this, then it might lead to this.

Democrats don’t care about the impact of any action to grow government at any level, they just want to hide any penalties and advertise any benefits.

Getting money to grow government is a skill. Spending that money requires no skill. It’s not like a business when options to spend money within a company compete based on strategy and payoff. In government spending money is based on the value of the votes it might garner regardless of the impact on economy.

So, government is better  than business when it comes to raising money. Business has to demonstrate success to get investment cash. Government has to hide the pain that more revenue will create. Business is better than government when it comes to investing money raised. Once again, they must invest where the greatest opportunity lies. Government invests where the most votes lie.

Business has kept this country great. Government is destroying this country. Can you see why?

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