Are all IRS Employees Democrats?

May/17/2013 5:25AM
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A grade school civics student knows the IRS must be apolitical. To do otherwise is a criminal act.

We learn that dozens, if not hundreds of IRS employees willfully conducted illegal activities harassing opponents of Obama.Not a single IRS employee saw fit to question those illegal activities. Now comes the criminal phase with potential 10 year prison terms. Watch as all those canaries who couldn’t sing find their voices.

Under ObamaCare this same IRS will have access to your medical records.

Obama was shocked to hear what the IRS was up to with this illegal and shocking behavior. So we are temporarily left to believe someone in the IRS woke up one day and said it’s time to put the screws to anti-Obama organizations so they can’t raise money for Romney. Then hundreds of fellow agents jumped on that notion and made it happen.

When the criminal investigation starts and the canaries begin singing, how high will it go? I’m guessing pretty high. Will the head of the IRS take the bullet? Or will 10 years in the slammer push it higher?

Am I living in the former Soviet Union, or am I on the set of a Stooges film? Is this a government ready to lie to the public about anything? Or, is this just incompetents in action. Either way, it makes one uncomfortable. Should I prepare for my IRS audit?

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