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April/10/2013 9:23AM
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First, let’s start with border security. A hot issue now that some form of immigration reform is about to be passed on a bi-partisan basis. Take a look at your map of the United States. The border is over 650 miles long. We have spent $105 billion trying to secure it so far. This doesn’t count the annual costs of patrolling the border. The Soviet’s couldn’t keep East Berliners from going into West Berlin. They had a huge wall, barbed wire, dogs, machine guns, and shot to kill. So, don’t accept any noise out of Washington DC that we will have a secure border. It will never happen.

So, the real solution is what? It’s simple, send them home. Sure try to cut down on the flow, but realize that it will never stop. The only answer is to accept that crossing the border is where the law is broken. But, no date stamp magically appears on the crosser’s forehead. There will be no way of knowing whether it’s a pre-immigration reform crosser or post-immigration reform crosser. If immigration reform doesn’t send people home, immigration reform will be like the last version under Reagan, a “welcome to the USA all of Latin America” plan.

There is only one solution. Send those who broke the law home. As many times as they break that law. That’s the reality. Delude yourself all you want, but that’s the law.

Next reality, unemployment. Eighty million American who were once in the work force have quit looking for work. Only 63.3%  of the “participation rate” the government term for working age adults, are working.  The lowest level since 1979. And, only 69.6% of those 25-29 years of age are working, the lowest level in 41 years. This doesn’t include old coots like me who are retired and past the government “participation age” category.

Got this reality? It’s bad, really bad. But, it’s less bad than it would be if all those who quit working weren’t on unemployment and/or food stamps. But, we are raising a new generation of young people who may be enjoying retirement at ages 25-29. How does that 63% who are working support the 80,000,000 who quit looking for work? Supposedly, like the 1% supports everyone for everything. The poor the sick, the elderly, etc. But the math won’t work.

Here’s the reality. If some of those 80,000,000 don’t get off their asses and look for a job this country will go broke. Simply as that.

Finally, another hot topic, gun control. There is a simple answer to gun control. And, it’s the only solution. Where it’s been tried, it works. Violent crime from guns goes down and crime in general goes down. All other ideas, including all from Obama and Biden have been tried and don’t work.

Here’s the reality. Drunk driving is much less of a problem now than it was 20 years ago. Why? The penalties for drunk driving are much harsher. In Arizona if you know you will go to tent city if you get caught driving drunk. Ask Charles Barkley or Mark Grace, who resides there every night now for four more months. The same solution will work for gun control.

If you get caught with an illegal firearm you go to jail for two years. Simple as that. Doesn’t matter if you are an NBA superstar or a Hollywood idol. Two years.

That’s the reality. Yes, it will require more jails. But, that will be cheaper in the long run than the big ideas from Biden for Obama. And, those costs will fix nothing. This solution works and it will keep thousands alive that will still die with the Biden plan. That’s the reality.

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