First Brady, Now Giffords

April/16/2013 6:27AM
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Remember all those years when James Brady, the other victim when Reagan was shot, was made the poster man for gun law reform? He made it the singular focus of the rest of his life. He has a gun law in his name today, the Brady Bill. I’m sure James felt he made a difference. But, if he did, why are we about to have the Giffords Bill, or the Newtown Act?

Politics today in this country are sickening. Why can’t Obama or Biden make a speech for gun law restrictions without the symbolism of a near-by family from Newtown or Gabby Giffords? And what does gun law reform really mean?

Well, the debate has narrowed down to background checks. A background check would not have prevented Newtown, since the mother of the shooter could have purchased all the guns used in the tragedy. How then does Newtown become relevant to the big new Obama/Biden gun law reform that will prevent another tragedy from happening? Truth is, it doesn’t.

How does gun law reform hit center stage when Obama finally submits a 250 page budget, his first in five years, two months after the law requires him to submit a budget? A budget that essentially assures we will run up the debt more than we have  run it up in the last 4 years? Basically, a budget that is an insult to all Americans. Well, if the media keeps all insulted Americans focused on gun laws, no one looks at the insult.  Just as a magician keeps your eyes where he wants them when he tricks you.

So, stay focused on guns and immigration, while the real problem the country faces gets worse.

When a tragedy like Newtown happens all those effected by the tragedy go through the grief stages. Appearing with Obama on TV seems like they are doing something rather than nothing. A flight attendant on my plane crash(UAL flight 232) has spent the years since 1989 trying to get laws passed on mandatory child seats for infants. She told a mother to hold her infant on the floor while the mother was in the crash position and the infant was lost in the crash. So far, no mandatory child seats on commercial planes.

For weeks now a country that creates the Kardashians has let a group of politicians in Washington, highly paid employees, convince that country they are doing something important. The new gun reform laws will prevent another Newtown or another public figure like Gabby Giffords from happening. You tell me, will tighter laws on background checks, which I don’t  oppose, get that done? Of course not. What hurts me is the sleazy politicians who turn good people from Newtown and Gabby Giffords into the Kardashians. Sad.

The current background check system was created in 1989. It requires federally approved gun dealers to check whether gun buyers have a criminal background or other problem to make them ineligible to purchase a firearm.

Under the system, the gun dealer maintains a record of the transaction, but the federal government keeps no such identifying paperwork.

According to a Justice Department report, less than 2% of those seeking to purchase firearms were denied because of background checks from 1998 through 2009.

Opponents cite that figure as evidence that the system fails to stop illegal weapons sales that the legislation seeks to target, while supporters say the result shows the system keeps some guns out of the hands of the wrong people and the system should be expanded and strengthened.

For Gabby Giffords, a wounded life has a new purpose


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