Even When a Majority of Americans Agree-Nothing Happens

March/11/2013 13:39PM
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A recent poll shows only one area where the majority of Americans agree on government spending cuts. In all other areas more want to keep their freebies than want to balance the budget with a cut in education, social security, etc. The one area where over 70% say cut, is foreign aid.

When a small minority can stop a pipeline from being built, a huge majority should get action, right? Wrong.

You see we are simply ignorant taxpayers. We can’t fathom the great benefits that giving billions to Egypt has rendered. We can’t be trusted to be right in such a complex area of spending.

It’s like the sequester issue. If we do it, the government will come apart. Obama went on the campaign trail, if he’s ever left it, and warned us about the outcome. He refused to accept a blank check to design the cuts himself, that would involve real work and accountability, two things he’s never accepted. Maxine Waters announced it would cause 170 million jobs to be lost. There are only 140 million working today. That includes Maxine, who should be flipping burgers at McDonald’s.

But, the average American has watched the billions being spent on foreign aid with no benefits, like Egypt. And, the average American, unlike the president, sees we have a spending problem. We can no longer support the world. We can’t support ourselves. We watch as China and India pour their surpluses back into their economy with growth that make ours look pale. But, we are like the billionaire who is going broke and still can’t stop supporting his deadbeat kids who hate him.

If over 70% of your countrymen want something and your government ignores those wishes, what chance is there for 51%?

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