Things I Don’t Believe

February/01/2013 8:54AM
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Part of the pain of growing up is learning some things you believe don’t exist. I have six grand kids and only one believer exists, we think, my little 6 year old Jessica.  Here are pictures of my new reality.

First it was this guy:

Then this guy:


I held on to this one for a while be cause I didn’t want to lose the cash:

It seems strange that no matter how old we get there are still some broken realities, like this.


My wife literally cried when this story hit the air on that Saturday when Notre Dame played. Since I root for whomever Notre Dame plays, I couldn’t get too emotional. I got very emotional when the Alabama offensive line and their running backs put the great Manti on his back for the entire BCS Championship game. This will hurt him far more in the NFL draft than his big scam to get media attention will.

Then, there’s this guy.

In a sport where everyone has doped for years, I thought Lance was clean. I read an article about his lung capacity vs. a normal person and it seemed to explain his success. They ran all sorts of tests and he hit the top of the charts on all of them.

But, he’s just another doper. A liar and a nasty man who attacked all who challenged him and did serious financial damage to most. Another myth, like all those above.

But, here’s my chart buster, the biggest myth of all. If you believe this one, go back to square one and start waiting for those Easter eggs. Start believing a fat man in a red suit can deliver gifts to all little girls and boys from a sleigh pulled by reindeers. Or, that a cute little fairy will drop some cash under your pillow when you get that dental implant we start getting after age 65. Or, that Manti believed he had a dead girl friend, or Lance never doped. This one beats all.

These two people hate each other. This is simply the first staged campaign kickoff for Hillary’s run for the presidency. It’s a nice payback for Hillary keeping her mouth shut about what Obama knew about Benghazi. Obama’s a micro manager, he gave Hillary no slack in her reins. Hillary worked hard, kept her head down and waited for this moment for four years. After all those years of Bill’s cheating, how hard was that? But, our foreign relations are in worse shape that they were four years ago. Hard work is admirable, but results are preferred.

Lance runs to Oprah for damage control, Manti to Katie, and Hillary to CBS, the Dan Rather network.

If you still believe any of the above, spend time with a kid or grand kid about the age of 7. They know how to break it to your gently. Virginia, there is no Santa Clause, and by the way, Ginny, everything Hillary and Barack said on 60 Minutes was a lie. Grow up Virginia. Don’t wait for the book to come out, just face reality. Money and power play into all of these stories, the most innocent, the Tooth Fairy, but that’s when the kid has to deal with the money issue. When I had some teeth pulled for implants not long ago I looked under my pillow.

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