What does: “We are Made for this Moment” Mean?

January/23/2013 6:39AM
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The key statement the media took out of the president’s second inaugural address was: “we are made for this moment”. I’m sorry, I have no idea what that means.

Does it mean he is the chosen one who will lead us from this mess we are in? Does “we” mean” he”? It sure doesn’t mean “me”. I’m not made for this moment. I find words like this summarize this president. Meaningless words that signify nothing, even to him. Words that some hack who wrote his speech jotted down for job security. A big statement that says zero.

My kids and grand kids are not made for this moment. If we sit down with them and ask if it’s alright if we use up all the financial resources this country has, and mortgage their opportunity to enjoy the life we’ve enjoyed, do they agree? Mine don’t .

What exactly stands out about this moment? Polls show public optimism is at an all-time low. Congress is down to single digits in their approval poll. We have hit the debt ceiling and it appears this isn’t worth of mention in the big speech vs. social goals like gay marriage, gun control, and climate change.

In a word, this moment “sucks”.  Are we all made to suck with the moment?

People out of work for years, houses under water, almost no GDP growth, printing money that will eventually result in inflation, following California and Greece down the same road and ignoring the danger, medical costs skyrocketing, retirement funds drying up, cities going broke, hell, even states teetering, and I’m supposed to feel like this is some cherished moment in my life?

Sadly, the people who gave him the biggest majority for this moment are suffering the most. Unemployment is up disproportionately with Blacks, Hispanics, and young people.

I must be out of touch with something. Will someone please explain what this great statement means?

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