The Big Game

January/03/2013 9:37AM
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Not the BCS Championship game with Notre Dame vs. Alabama. Not the Super Bowl in February. I’m talking about the game we just witnessed in Washington DC.

The Asses vs. the Pachyderms. Donkeys and Elephants, Democrats and Republicans. The one that went into overtime and resulted in a 2-0 win by the Democrats.

The game that kept the media on pins and needles for days. The game that kept the league commissioner, Barack Obama, on TV hourly. The respective coaches, Harry Reid and John Boehner talking trash day after day. The game where everyone who bought a ticket should get a refund. For them and those of us who watched on TV, here’s the result.

The great game the Commissioner promised us when he campaigned for the job resulted in this. Taxes were increased on the rich, not as much as the Commissioner promised, but some. The result will raise enough revenue to run the government for one week. Got it one week. That’s what $50 billion buys you these days. And, if New York and New Jersey get the money they need for almost Hurricane Sandy, poof, it’s all gone.

That’s what this game meant. One week. Mating elephants, a lot of noise and activity, but nothing to show for it for two years. The debt clock keeps ticking and the ceiling must be raised. That’s the next big game. The Commissioner is already touting this one. He says the awful Pachyderms want the debt to go down, but he and the Asses want to spend more. He hasn’t given us his goal, but it looks like it might be in the neighborhood of $20 trillion when he retires as Commissioner.

Here’s the sad part. If you think $20 trillion is a game, you better have a reality check. You better get a whistle and a striped shirt and get on the field. It’s no game even if the Commissioner, the Pachyderms and the Asses, and the Broadcast media have convinced most of us it is. Romney was right. When over 50% of the public get free tickets and the minority have to pay to have the game played, it’s over. The fix is in. The Commissioner will always be an Ass, and the Pachyderms will always have their assess kicked, and the minority who pay to have the game played won’t be able to finance a bigger and better game every year. Ask the Greeks and Romans. It’s like those games in the ancient Colosseum, it’s rigged. No human can withstand a raging lion of spending.

What happened to that Roman Empire?

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