Buy E-15 and Support Your Local Repair Garage

January/07/2013 7:51AM
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Your government wants you to buy E-15 gasoline. Wasting 10% ethanol in gasoline to drive up food prices and get zero energy savings isn’t enough. The EPA wants to take a folly even further. Let’s drive up food prices even higher. Let’s stick 15% ethanol in gasoline. Let’s even mandate it by jacking up the required amount of ethanol that must be used by refiners and blenders.

But car manufacturers say you will void your warranty if you use E-15 in a car made before 2012. I’m just guessing here, but I wouldn’t bet you won’t have problems with a car made after 2012 if you use this stuff.

I was in the gasoline business when ethanol was first introduced in Iowa in the 80’s. Ethanol blended gasoline was eating up every rubber part in the cars, including fuel lines. Eventually all those parts were replaced with parts that could withstand 10% ethanol. This is gasoline with ethanol that is blended at a terminal. For the most part E-15 is pump blended.

You put it in your car or truck. The two products separate in your tank. The ethanol is lighter so your car pulls straight ethanol after you top off the tank. This is your favorite vodka at 200 proof. It will eat everything it touches. After your car runs on that, it begins to pull the unblended gasoline. Since the ethanol adds 3 octane points, you are now running on 84 octane. Might get a little ping and see a little drag on the hills.

Hey, the auto repair business needs a shot in the arm and your government has just the thing. Your car will stop running. Your dealer will tell you the repair is not covered by warranty and show you the proof, then give you a nice estimate for your out of pocket repairs. I know few rabid environmentalists will ever read this.  My fervent hope is that they get all the problems with the product they love so much, ethanol.

This would be justified income redistribution. All hard working Americans pay attention and buy zero E-15, and everyone in Hollywood and all the elitists who champion ethanol buy the hell out of it. Perhaps the roadsides will be littered with their luxury cars. Maybe even Lisa Jackson will find her car stalled in the Washington Beltway on her way out of town.

This is a good example of the lack of respect your government has for you. To mandate a product that will do serious damage to your car and potentially strand you or your loved ones.

Hip, hip, hooray for the EPA.

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