Things I Didn’t Vote for in November

December/15/2012 7:37AM
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President Obama ran on a single platform/promise. Raise taxes on the rich. If you can name another campaign promise, please do so. I voted against that because I believed doing that would have a negative impact on the economy. But the majority rejected my position, so raise those taxes. I’m ready to pay.

But, here is the list of things I didn’t vote for.

1. Setting new records every quarter by running a postal service that we need less every day. We lose money  so merchants can fill my mailbox with worthless catalogs. We run inefficient post offices in rural areas because we always have. It’s time to end all this.

2. Set new records running a money- losing passenger railroad. We are dumping a few billion more in government financed bullet trains. Get out of the passenger rail business. If it’s a viable business, someone will buy it. If no one does, it needs to go away. Amtrak is like the Post Office. If the horse dies, dismount.

3. Investing in money-losing green ventures. The DOE and Dr. Chu are not venture capitalists. Stop this sham.

4. Stop blowing billions with Freddie, Fannie, the FHA, and HUD. Get out of the mortgage business. You, the government, are proven incompetent mortgage bankers.

5. Get out of student loan business. The private sector will make fewer bad loans. Fewer young people will go to four year colleges. Tuition will start coming down and two-year colleges will prosper.

6. Let the world police the world. If Syrians choose to kill each others in large numbers, so beit. They have been doing it for centuries. It’s sad but we are broke. The world will have to police itself, the old sheriff is gone off into the sunset, old, tired, and out of money from doing the job for a century.  Let China take the job.

7. I don’t expect unemployment insurance to be a lifetime benefit. Get a job in your early twenties. lose the job, get unemployment and never work again.

8. I didn’t vote to have a marketing and advertising program to get another 40 percent increase in food stamp families like we did in the last four years.

9. I read a summary of the major governmental agencies and the cost of each to a family. In most cases it was an average of a $1,000 a year per family. Since 50% of families in this country pay no taxes, that means the rest are paying $2,000 a year for the department of agriculture, another $2,000 for the department of education, etc. Health and Human Services was $12K per household. Add it up and the average US household that pays taxes is paying about $20K a year to support these agencies. I think there just might be some waste in those government agencies, like 50%, in overhead and poor practices. So, let’s cut the crap and cut the waste instead.

It’s a simple list compiled by a simple man. These are the things that Republican governors are doing in the states that are fixing their problems by taking actions. I doubt that any of these will be addressed in the next four years but I will keep voting for anyone who says they will do them and against those who won’t.






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