The Newtown Blame Game

December/21/2012 16:38PM
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The President wants another round of gun regulations. The media is promoting this as the single solution to the tragedy in Newtown.

Others want the mentally ill to require registration, like convicted sex offenders. If your neighbor is a registered mental patient, you can buy a gun, but your choices may be limited if the President has his way. Even when the Obama gun program becomes law, the unstable neighbor is more likely to have one too. Again, thanks for nothing, Washington.

The NRA wants an armed guard in every school in America by the time the kids get back from Christmas vacation. But, the NRA did place heavy blame on the media and entertainment industries.

The NRA introduced us to an on-line game that has been in existence for 10 years. The title is Kindergarten Killer. You can find it on Along with numerous other like-minded web sites.

If you go there you will find the caption, “Get inside the kindergarten and shoot down those pesky little kids. ” I’m not kidding. If you can’t find a connection between this and what happened in Newtown, you are far too fixated on simple answers to complex problems. Since the Newtown killer, and I even refuse to type the name, smashed his hard drive we will never know if he was a regular visitor to this game.

Somewhere out there is another sick person who is a regular visitor. The NRA also mentioned that it is strange that the NRA has to point out this web site when the media has invested thousands of hours reporting on Newtown. Perhaps they have a lack of objectivity.

In my mind, at least, exposing mentally unstable young people to thousands of murders on TV shows, in the movies, on the local and national news and with violent games must play a role in the growing trend of committing suicide but taking the maximum number of people out with you when you go. Violence becomes commonplace.

The perpetrators of this trash can use guns as a scapegoat for their own culpability in this societal nightmare.

They don’t get a pass from me. Especially whoever made money from Kindergarten Killers.

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