Nobody is Listening

December/04/2012 8:36AM
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Those who need the most help voted for Obama. They did so believing they would get more help. The $90 billion Obama will get from “the wealthiest Americans” next year won’t spread very far. New York and New Jersey have requested nearly that much to pay for Superstorm Sandy. As the economy flounders the needy will suffer most.

Those who have the most will suffer the least. Many of them helped Obama be re-elected. Can you say Hollywood and Warren Buffet.

Mitt Romney just took a new job. He’s back on the board of Marriott International. Let’s see which does better, Marriott or America.

I was watching Newt Gingrich on Sean Hannerity the other night and wondered who was listening to him? It’s time for all of us to realize it’s a waste of time to listen to either Newt or Sean. It’s self-gratification.

The people who need to listen choose not to listen or never get a chance to listen.

Only a strong dose of reality will change minds and fix our problems.

If Obama is right, and the economy improves, we needed to listen to him. If not, as many of us believe, everything will go to hell, and then there will be listening, and lot’s of opportunity to hear.

Now, that’s reality. Not noise from re-treads like Gingrich or Hannerity, but reality emerging from heartbreak and suffering.

It’s going to go one way or the other. We all have or fears, hopes, and opinions. Time will tell.

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