Lincoln-the Movie

December/08/2012 16:42PM
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Went to see the highly acclaimed Spielberg movie of Abe Lincoln last night. Here’s my advice if you are thinking of going. Save yourself two hours of abject boredom, a sore rear end and $10 and just force yourself to watch two hours of C-Span.

I just enjoyed the O’Reilly book, Killing Lincoln, and thought I might enjoy adding to my appreciation of the book by seeing the movie. The book was great. It gave the reader insights into the era, Lincoln himself, the family, Booth, and the end of the Civil War.

Here’s what Spielberg gives you. Two hours into how Lincoln shoved the 13th Amendment down the thoats of a relulctant Congress by hiring louts to buy the votes. Didn’t we just see that live with ObamaCare? Why that should be the center of a two hour movie escapes me.

Anyway, skip the movie, read the book. As much as I can find fault with O’Reilly and as little as I would like to promote anything of his, it’s good. Give the man credit. When Lincoln gets numerous Academy Award nominations, chalk it up to Spielberg and the idiots in Hollywood who produce bad movies  and help elect bad presidents.

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