Free at Last

December/12/2012 12:29PM
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With the government of Michigan establishing a Right to Work law, the union members in the state can now choose whether to be in the union or not. No longer are they compelled to give over a big chunk of their hard-earned pay to the union to use to elect more pro-union politicians who would have prevented this from happening. Republican union members no longer are forced by law to donate to Democrats.

As usual, there was mob action when this went down. Thugs from the union are incapable of peaceful demonstration. Fights broke out and cops were punched and thugs arrested. Jimmy Hoffa would have been proud of the troops.

Perhaps the unions should develop a new brand slogan to replace look for the union label. Change it to “you have the right to remain silent”.

What state will be next? Indiana led the parade in the Midwest with Wisconsin not far behind. I can tell you it won’t be Illinois and this state already owns the copyright on “you have the right to remain silent”, but it’s politicians not union thugs who own that distinction.

Obama must be livid about what happened in Michigan.  He might have a federal mandate from the election, but the states are showing he doesn’t run them yet.  Illinois is hell bent on having gun laws that conflict with the Constitution. A Federal Judge set them straight on that this week.

Little rays of sunshine keep peeking through.

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