Forget the Fiscal Cliff

December/11/2012 8:01AM
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Don’t worry, be happy. Despite what the media tells you, what the politicians are ranting about, and what you’ve convinced yourself, the so-called fiscal cliff is no big deal.

Many years ago, in the frat house, the most popular TV show was the Roadrunner. I don’t think I’ve seen a Roadrunner cartoon from start to finish since, but I can still recall the main theme. Wile E. Coyote was going to go off a cliff. Sure, he was going to get blown up, hit by heavy Acme products, like a safe, and other means of brutality created by his efforts to catch a bird. But, Wile E. always survived and so did the bird. This country is like Wile E. and the bird. It gets hit hard, drops off cliffs, gets blown up(Pearl Harbor), but has always survived. We will survive the fiscal cliff ,whether we go off it ,or whether our ignorant media-loving politicians dream up something worse at the 11th hour.

Just keep in mind it’s all about $90 billion, not $13 trillion. The president got reelected by promising to extract $90 billion a year from the folks making over $250K a year. This amount of money wouldn’t save Detroit from it’s ultimate fate. Detroit went off the cliff 20 years ago and it is just going to hit ground in the next year or so. Boehner and his tribe are stupid for letting themselves get destroyed over $90 billion. Obama has painted them into a corner and it’s not worth the cost of the paint to be in that corner.

The real cliff, like Detroit’s cliff, is way down the road. So, don’t worry. Let your grand kids worry. When America becomes Detroit 20 or 30 years from now some nurse will be feeding Boehner and Obama by spoon and most of us will be long gone. So this is not a real cliff, just a long ramp leading up to the cliff.

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