The Country Knows You Now Barack

November/01/2012 16:40PM
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You fooled a lot of good Americans with the Hope and Change campaign. They overlooked Reverend Wright  and Bill Ayers. They overlooked your resume. They ignored your tendency to never do the job you were hired to do but to work toward the next job. They even let you squander almost a trillion on a failed stimulus plan that you promised would work. They gave you a pass on shoving through ObamaCare which we now know you never read. The great apology tour where you told the world we were a bad actor and you would fix that. They watched while Gitmo stayed open, while you tried to try terrorists in the shadow of the World Trade Center. Fast and Furious went unpunished. They watched as you went to Tucson and lectured the politicians about civil speech, which you immediately ignored. Blaming Bush for years went unnoticed. You had our credit rating lowered  for the first time in history and it didn’t reflect in your approval ratings. Running up $4 trillion in debt did make people nervous. Not lowering unemployment, despite all the promises to do so started to get noticed.

You gave the order to kill bin Laden and the country applauded.

Suddenly, all of that is changing. Over 50% of the people expect a president with a light resume, like you, to grow while on the job. As the campaign rolled on more and more saw you as shrinking rather than growing. They realized you can only work with yourself and maybe Valerie Jarrett, the true president. You have nothing to offer voters. Just tax the rich, class warfare, and personal attacks. Now you are the emperor with no clothes. It is so sad you put together a little booklet with your plans for the next four years. It looks like a Junior Achievement project. So sad, so small.

Now you have the little Benghazi Embassy problem. Too many of us know it’s a cover up for your mistakes. You missed the need for security, you failed to respond when the brave people who died called for help, and you tried to tell us that it was a demonstration that got out of hand due to a video no one saw.

Too many Americans now see you as a person who has no plan, a person we can’t trust, and a president who is shrinking before our very eyes.

You haven’t changed, we have. We see you clearly now. Something you don’t see. If you had seen what you were you might have worked at changing, but you are incapable of that. You still see that great man in the mirror. A perfect man who just needs to fire up the teleprompter and all will be right again.

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