Republicans in Congress Should Give Obama Everything He Wants

November/08/2012 16:05PM
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With the exception of ObamaCare, the president has never owned anything. The smart thing for republicans in the House and Senate to do now is to let him own everything.

We all fear his ideas will damage the economy. He believes they will work. Let him have what he wants. He will own it all along with his fellow democrats. Can’t blame Bush, but more importantly, he can’t blame republican gridlock. If repubicans force the president to do what will work and it works, he gets the credit. Let him earn the credit with his own work.

Make him accountable. Let the American people judge his results, not his words.

How much worse can it get? After all, if we are right, those hurt the most if it fails are those who support the president and his rhetoric. Judge him by his results for once.

For those of you who read yesterday’s blog, it’s like Florida, too close to call. Lot’s of support to keep the blog going, even a personal phone call, but not overwhelming. I’m still counting ballots.

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