Protecting the Middle Class

November/11/2012 17:08PM
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I have a friend who has a son living in Ohio. During the campaign Ohio was obviously inundated with campaign ads. During all that my friend’s son told me his young son asked his dad, “Dad, are we middle class.” his Dad responded, “son, I guess we are,why?” the response by a boy not yet 10 years old, “well, we’ll be OK.”

Who is the middle class Obama has promised to protect?

It’s not union workers, they’re protected by their unions, including teachers, firemen, policemen, and public employees. It’s not the 47% who pay no taxes, at lest by any definition of middle class I’ve been taught. It’s not those millions on food stamps. It’s not low-wage immigrants who are said to do the work we are said to refuse to do, legal and illegal. It could college professor who support liberal politics, but they are protected by tenure and unions as well.

It’s not the young college graduates who are unemployed and burdened by student loans. They expect to be middle class, but aren’t finding it easy to get the jobs that will lead to middle class lives.

I’m very confused about who comprises the middle class today. Most of my friends consider themselves to be in that middle class, but none seem to feel Obama is looking out for them.

Is this false advertising and misrepresentation of facts? Is Obama really looking out for all but the middle class? It certainly seems true to me. Does that mean the many in the middle class who still support him are believing the hype without really giving it much thought.

If you consider yourself middle class, please help me out. Tell me how your president is looking out for you. It’s his big claim that won him a second term.


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