One More Election

November/07/2012 10:27AM
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Congratulations to President Obama for winning a second term. It was a brilliant campaign as evidenced by the result. Governor Romney did his best. The people have spoken.

America is changing to a different country than I have known for my 70 years.

JFK said, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.  That is gone forever. It’s now, ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you. Sad, but true.

My best wishes go out to the Latino citizens who played a major role in this election. I hope your record unemployment eases. The same for the blacks who supported their president with little deviation. The same for females who choose free contraceptives over a sad economy. Good luck to Chris Christie in your future as a New Jersey dogcatcher. Recent college graduates, current students, and those about to start college, good luck finding jobs and paying off those student loans. Those unemployed good luck to you. Those about to qualify for Medicare, good luck finding doctors.    States like my home state, Illinois, going broke, will  now get to apply for help from their favorite son. California, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, and the other financially distressed states will be in that same line.

Europe is amazed that America would follow them into their morass.

The next four years and the foreseeable future will see us mortgage my grand kids futures as  we grab what’s available for our own selfish immediate consumption.

I can’t honestly grieve for my kid’s generation, since that generation took a pass on this crisis. You will live to see the consequences of this and watch your own kids pay the price. The work LBJ started is now a full blown way of life for Americans. The Great Society and all that means lies clearly before us.

My wife and I will be fine. This election will not impact our lives as we have lived conservative lives and even Obama can’t take enough to damage our short futures.

Our kids will get less when we die. Since Obama will take a big chunk. Same for the grand kids.

I am no visionary. But, I have worked hard to keep us from becoming Europe and California. Blog after blog for over four years. Like others who have see this as a bad direction for the future, we failed.

I have little interest in continuing the effort. The blog has been successful by my standards. Every day, every  month, every year, it has grown in readership. Otherwise, I would have quit years ago. It’s seems like a good time to put this on the next generation who have the most at risk.

So, here’s the deal. It’s a simple task. Hit the comment key on this blog(above), and write yes or no. That simple. I will tally the votes and level of interest and decide whether this is the last blog I write and shut it down, or consider keeping it going at a lesser level with some effort.

Thank you for your support.

Bill Robertson

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