Obama in the Bomber Jacket

November/02/2012 16:08PM
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Does this remind you of something? Another president landing on an aircraft carrier. That president was actually flying the plane that day. This president wants to try to drive a Volt some day, but says the Secret Service won’t let him. Remember the Bush “victory lap”? He took that lap a little early and paid dearly for his premature celebration. But, not as dearly as he paid for his Katrina response. Remember, “nice job Brownie?” Brownie and Janet Napolitano have something in common. In Arizona, Brownie was fired from the Arabian Horse Association because he ran up so many attorney fees the association was almost broke. Napolitano almost broke the state of Arizona. Incompetence is the common trait. Brownie screwed up Katrina and Napolitano will screw up the New York/New Jersey disaster.

What follows will be local politician playing the blame game. It’s already started, first blame, Red Cross, not FEMA, the Red Cross. Next it will be FEMA, then the oil industry, then the governor, and when it gets to them, Obama. Between now and next Tuesday, this will be the end of Obama. He thought he could handle this like he’s handled everything else. Show up in a bomber jacket, make a speech and go back to doing what he has done for 3 years, make campaign speeches.

By next Tuesday, the people on the East Coast may be looking for Obama and Christie. They are already dumpster diving for food. There is no power, there is no food, there is no gasoline, and it’s cold.

New Jersey turned away relief help from the south because they were non-union. How’s that red tape cutting going Christie and Obama? Both are denying that, but who believes that? The mess is too big to fix by next Tuesday and the players are too incompetent to get it done.

Meanwhile Boomberg watches as his political future goes up in smoke. He’s not cancelling the New York Marathon. Hotel rooms needed by displaced locals are booked to people from all over the world who are coming for the race. Watch this unravel.

Everyone thought Obama might get a lift from Sandy.

Watch carefully, this is far from over. That bomber jacket may be a curse for a second president.

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