Illinois and Arizona Politics

November/15/2012 16:41PM
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Click below to see how Illinois or the city of Chicago more specifically  handled the last election.



Chicagoans reelect corrupt politicians: U.S. Rep. Jessie Jackson Jr., Rep. Derrick Smith and Judge Cynthia Brim

More Democrats won seats to the Illinois congress, giving them a greater stronghold over the future of the state. A state where one man, Speaker Michael Madigan runs the state and his daughter Lisa Madigan will be the next governor. Which won’t matter, since the present governor,  Pat Quinn, is just a mouthpiece for Madigan.

The state is broke and getting broker. These Democrats are doing exactly what the president is doing to America. Spending money the state doesn’t have and borrowing what they absolutely need to pay some of the bills, others just go unpaid. Getting every dime the state can get from Washington to help delay the inevitable. And, electing indicted public officials indifferent to their criminal activities. Why not, two ex-governors now reside in federal prisons.

Arizona, on the other hand has a Republican governor, Jan Brewer, who is best known for wagging her finger in Obama’s face. But, Brewer should be better known for turning the finances of Arizona around after the former train wreck of a governor, Janet Napolitano tried to break Arizona. Yes, that same Napolitano. Arizona just replaced Jon Kyl with Jeff Flake, another fiscal conservative. Arizona is almost out of debt and heading in the right direction.

So, with dual citizenship, almost, just a few more weeks in Arizona a year and I can renounce my Illinois citizenship, and no longer associate myself with this pending disaster.

My property taxes are a third on an equivalent basis in Scottsdale as they are in Illinois. My city services are twice as good. And, best of all , I will be protected by this man who was reelected by a 12 point margin.

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