Thank You President Obama

October/11/2012 16:41PM
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Sometimes a person, like me, who disagrees with you in so many areas needs to reflect on the good things you have done, Mr. President. I”ve been doing that. I’ve come up with a list of those.

1. You gave the order to kill bin Laden. Good work. Then you hung the Pakistani doctor who verified his presence out to dry and rot in prison. Good luck finding another informer anywhere in the world.

2. You gave a stirring speech in Tucson after the Gabby Giffords shooting. You reminded all of us that we need to do a better job of getting along. Keep the inflammatory rhetoric in check. Then last week you called Mitt Romney a liar.

2. You have raised the average age of McDonald’s employees by 20 years during your presidency. No more inexperienced zitty teens flipping my burgers. Nope, it’s the former bank VP who can’t find work.

3. You have increased the number of trash pickers by tenfold at least. Instead of one truck patrolling my street on the night before trash day, there are at least ten. Very little left for the trash people to haul away. If you have a large item that’s worth more than a buck, no need to put a pricey sticker or two on the item as required by the city. It will be gone in an hour.

4. I was told by a friend that your have saved colleges and universities in Michigan thousands of dollars at football tailgagte parties.  No longer do they have to pay school employees to pick up cans and bottle with return deposits. The students who can’t afford tuition and student loans do it now.

5. You have given California and the nation a sneak preview of how your energy strategy will  work down the road. With the state cap and trade, unique gasoline formulations, taxes, closed refineries, no drilling, no pipelines, ethanol,  and regulation on top of regulation, $6 gasoline is easy to get. Can’t run all those cars and trucks on wind, solar, or that $50 a gallon bio-fuel you are buying for the US Navy.

7. Government jobs are up. Just think how many more people it takes to process all those new millions of food stamp recipients. Not to mention the 11 million on social security disability( up from 8.2 when you took office). It’s estimated that 25% are bogus, but hiring new people doesn’t seem to change that.

8. You saved us a lot of money by denying more security for the Libyan Embassy. It cost four lives. But then you spent more than you saved in Pakistan running commercials apologizing for the nasty Islamic video you and your people said caused the attack. Since that was not true(can’t use the liar word, I agree with the Tucson speech), it might have been a waste of time and money to run those ads.

9. You’ve kept corn prices up for farmers and equipment makers and stuck it to China on their imports. You’re even sticking it to Americans by keeping your ethanol mandate in place as gas prices go up, food prices go up, bacon is through the roof, milk up, and household budgets even more strapped.  Guess your people didn’t tell you about the drought.  Nice job of looking after the middle class. You will be writing big checks to the farmers for crop insurance too.

10. A friend’s doctor told him her Medicare will be cut 13% next year. Nice job, Mr. President, you are bringing down health care costs. Except she said she would stop taking Medicare patients. Oh well, there’s a quack out there somewhere who will.

I have several more thoughts on how I could applaud you for good work. But, since you prefer Letterman to a press conference, and Letterman stops at 10 top reasons, I will do the same. But, as a tribute to VP Joe Biden on the eve of his big debate, I put in two numbers two adding up to 11 points. It’s not a gaffe, it’s just Bill being Bill.

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