Obama is Showing America How Chicago Runs a Campaign

October/09/2012 16:26PM
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No more hope and change. Just old fashioned Chicago politics. You have gotten a condensed lesson in just the past month.

First get the polls to show it’s a runaway for Obama. Hoping the swing voters see no reason to vote.

Then came  the attack on the Libyan Embassy. After telling Americans the threat from al Qaeda is over at the convention, Obama couldn’t very well tell us al Qaeda attacked the embassy on the anniversary of 9-11. Solution, just lie. Tell us it was due to the negative video trashing Islamic beliefs. Weeks have passed and the lie is intact as far as Obama is concerned. Finally, a few in the mainstream media seem to think it’s a story. Gee, when isn’t a president lying his ass off a story?

Next, we lose a debate and call Romney a liar. How polite and presidential.

Now, let’s cook the books on the  unemployment figures.

Between now and the election, you will see more of this. Dirty tricks in elections are a Chicago institution. It’s been perfected there. If you really believe Obama is a fair-minded decent man you aren’t paying attention. I’m not sure which Marx brother David Axelrod might be, but he’s the nastiest, that’s for sure. He will stoop to anything to get his man back in office. His man just does what David tells him to do. Barack, read the teleprompter. David does the campaign stuff and Valerie Jarrett runs the country.

You saw that in the debate. The president is basically clueless. Why hasn’t he held a press conference since June? No teleprompter. Why hasn’t he met with his jobs council for months, too much work. Why does he only attend a third of the intelligence briefings. No interest.

The so-called intellectual, nice guy president with so  much charisma is just a puppet with his strings being pulled by Axelrod and Jarret. The poor emperor is not wearing any clothes. Romney proved that.

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