Obama: Being a Wise Ass Cost Him Virginia

October/23/2012 16:21PM
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Watch Obama carefully as he initiates this comeback. He’s already smiling, smirking really, before the words come out of his mouth.

This is a prepared line fed him by the idiots who are managing his campaign. The media sees this as a real coup. A real, “you’re no John Kennedy line.

But, the folks in Virginia, a critical swing state for Obama depend heavily on the navy and ships. Those key voters weren’t laughing. And, Marines, active and retired were quick to point out they still use bayonets. Obama wouldn’t know that since he’s spend little time with our military. No campaign money to be had in Afghanistan, but votes to be lost.

If the pandering media were to do a poll on who the men and women in the military support in this election, it would shock all of us. I’m told by those who have friends and family in the service of our country that they despise Obama. Hence, the Obama folks trying to keep the military from voting by squeezing the absentee ballot deadlines.

So,  yuck it up MSNBC, Huffington Post,  and Obama.  They aren’t laughing in Newport News, Virginia or in the Halls of Montezuma. Here’s a typical example of the left-wing glee over these comments. Let’s see who’s saying kaboom in two weeks.

See Obama’s sarcastic ‘horses and bayonets’ jab at Romney

10 hrs ago

Mitt Romney attacked Barack Obama in Monday’s debate on what the Republican senses is a weakening military, charging that our navy is smaller now “than at any time since 1917.” But the president turned out to have plenty of ordnance. “Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets,” Obama answered sarcastically. “The nature of our military has changed. We have these things called aircraft carriers where planes land on them. We have ships that go under water: nuclear submarines. The question is not a game of ‘Battleship’ where we’re counting ships.” Kaboom!

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