California Hits New Record Gasoline Prices

October/10/2012 16:44PM
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I don’t cry for you, California. I could care less if there are lines at Costco. If some prices are topping $6 a gallon, too bad. If the average price is $4.6140 a gallon, you got what you wanted. If the price went up 19.5 cents in one day. Good. I feel bad for the working stiffs who can’t afford this, but they voted for you idiots who did this.

You, California, gave all of us the insane environmental movement. You stopped drilling offshore before it was the thing for Democrats to do.

You adopted cap and trade while the country wised up and didn’t. You consider that a sign that you are so much more enlightened than the rest of us.

You gave us summer blend gasoline’s that we don’t need anymore and the problems that come with those blends, mostly higher prices. Plus, you can’t use gasoline from other states because you took your blends to an extreme. California unique.

Don’t like to pay $6 a gallon for gasoline, why not build a refinery instead of asking the rest of the country to refine your gasoline while you close your refineries. You see gasoline doesn’t come from God, Hollywood, or even Obama. It comes from crude oil sent to refineries  and pipe lined to terminals and trucked to stations. You hate all of the above, so walk. Buy that Volt you’ve asked for but not bought to replace that big Mercedes.

Don’t like $6 gasoline, wait until you get those utility bills in a a couple of years. See, you don’t like nuclear or coal or even natural gas, you want only wind and solar. But, you see the real cost of power produced from those is triple your last year’s price. But, it’s being subsidized by Obama. But, one day the rest of the country will stop paying your utility bills and you will be on your own.

How’s $6 a gallon a fair shake for the middle class? How will triple utility costs be a fair shake for the middle class? Who is really looking after the middle class in California, the environmentalists, Hollywood, Obama?

Then there’s the taxes on that gasoline. Since you are broke and still want to give everyone everything free, you have high taxes. State taxes, county taxes, and city taxes. Really, you folks should try $10 a gallon gasoline for a while, it might balance the state budget and put Stockton back on it’s feet.

You smug jerks out there have brought a lot of your bad ideas east along with your votes to put more of you in national office. So, as all my coaches used to say, “suck it up, California”, no one east of the Arizona border gives a damn about your little gasoline price problem. Write Pelosi. You gave us her too.

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