Barack and His B’s

October/27/2012 16:02PM
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When a man has served nearly four years as the president of the United States, one has certain expectations of that man. Substance is one of the key expectations.

In that time, in that office, you would hope a person has a good perspective on the big things that are important to the job, the country, and the world. In that time there should be a lot of skins tacked to the wall. Bill Clinton used to rattle them off in every press conference. Clinton was big on trophies and skins on the wall, not so much on blue dresses.

Barack Obama has one skin, the head of bin Laden. That’s it, no more trophies. Unfortunately, bin Laden, like Obama can be replaced. The bin Laden skin has a shelf life. Recent events in Libya took care of that.

A successful president running for a second term should have endless campaign ad material. Charts of the GDP going up. Charts of unemployment going down. Charts of the deficit going down. A least one chart of something going right.

Barack Obama is into B’s. He only uses attack ads in his campaign this time. No success ads. He has no successes to use in ads. With all that is wrong with our economy and in the Middle East, here are his attack subjects.

Big Bird. Romney wants to get rid of Big Bird.

Binders. Romney used a term “binders of women” in the second debate. You see as a retired executive I can relate to that. We were trying to recruit more women in our executive ranks . In a twelve month period I hired 8. Believe me to hire 8 you start with 100. That’s not sexist, that’s reality. If you want to hire 8 new people with experience, men or women, you will start with at least 100. And, the resumes are in binders. Just like the binders sent to Obama’s people when he wanted to find more Muslims to fill jobs in his administration.

Bayonets. Obama, the big military expert, who never mentions Afghanistan, who takes credit for Bush winning the war in Iraq(Obama voted against the surge), and who screwed the soldiers at Ft. Hood by calling it a work place incident, uses this in the third debate to explain to Romney how we wage modern warfare. In the process he looks like a buffoon talking to an executive. And, the US Marines still train with bayonets.

Bain Capital. Millions were spent by the Obama team slandering Romney because he started a successful company and made a lot of money and created a lot of jobs. It’s far better to write a couple of books that may be full of a lot of fiction and may have been written by others to make money.

That’s pretty much it. The Barack B’s. That’s what’s supposed to be important to Americans when we go to the polls. Big Bird, binders, bayonets, and Bain. Wait, I forgot one.

We’ll see if America buys the B’s. Right now it doesn’t look good for Barack and the B’s.

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