50-100 Obama Campaign Workers Laid Off

October/24/2012 16:20PM
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Well they didn’t really work for Obama, they worked for Newsweek, which worked for Obama. Another one bites the dust. Another far-left periodical. Who is dumber, the media going broke supporting far-left politics, or Obama investing in green energy businesses that go broke?

Another of those bit the dust this week. 1-ABC, a maker of batteries for Fisker, the start-up green car company that isn’t making or selling cars. Both companies will take down another billion of your tax dollars.

The media will tell you the digital age killed Newsweek after 80 years. I dropped my subscription 20 years ago after I tired of their politics. I suspect I’m in good company.

Obama is back on Letterman cracking jokes. He’s a regular on Dave’s show.  I guess Dave’s record of sexually harassing his employees doesn’t concern Obama, who is trying to regain female support.

The rest of the liberal mainstream media might take heed from Newsweek. Their days are numbered too. They will go all- out between now and November 4 to get Obama elected.

They and Obama have a similar problem. Obama’s like-ability is dropping like a rock. If you are a serial liar people unhitch from you. The media, by ignoring the dishonesty or even defending it lose readers, listeners, and viewers.

CNN is on the ropes. The New York Times, the same.

Keep it up  guys. I didn’t shed a tear for Newsweek, they got what they deserved. Nor will I when CNN goes, or any of the rest.

Like the country, it may be time for business people to run the media companies. They might realize you need to produce journalism, not propaganda.

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