Obama’s Report Card

September/23/2012 16:34PM
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Forget who’s glib. Ignore who paid the highest percentage in income taxes. Overlook birth certificates, the 47% comments, who favors redistribution, etc, etc.

Let’s break it down like my non-union sixth grade teacher would do.

The Economy:

Unemployment is still above 8%, millions have stopped looking, millions have taken lower paying jobs, household income is down, and the national debt has soared above $16 trillion from $10.6 trillion when Obama took over. The country faces a fiscal cliff if action isn’t taken. The president hasn’t met with his Jobs Council in months. He created the Simpson-Bowles group to provide recommendations, then ignored his own commission’s recommendations. He spent $800 billion to create jobs and created none.

Plan to fix, tax the rich. Only plan. But, if took took all the money from the rich, it won’t fix the problem. Hey, I’m not trying to fix the problem, I’m trying to get reelected.

Grade: F

Foreign Policy:

Russia tells us what to do. China lends us money and get’s paid back by dumping goods here. Both China and Russia support Iran. Israeli relations are the worst in history. Mexico sues Arizona. The world is burning our flags and we watch as hatred of America spreads. Europe is broke doing what Obama is trying to do for us. Obama tells Europe to spend more to fix their problems. Europe ignores Obama. Afghanistan is a mess and the president never speaks of the problem. How do the troops feel about that? He sent the surge there and brought them home. Status is the same.

Grade: F

Education: Student test scores keep dropping vs. the world. Despite spending more per student than the rest of the world. The money goes to teachers and their unions despite performance. College tuition rates keep escalating. This raises student loans, which are the total purview of the government now, per Obama. The unions control the quality of education in this country as Rahm Emanuel just discovered. Per Chicago, his future in politics is over because he took on the teacher’s union. The president won’t.

Grade: D (he talks about fixing the problem, that’s something)


Gasoline prices are double what they were when Obama took office. The president has blown billions supporting solar and wind enterprises that are all failing. He destroyed the coal industry. He has closed coal power plants without regard for where the lost power will originate since solar and wind are far behind forecasts by the president. He stopped drilling the Gulf illegally. The country has been saved here by the oil industry. Despite Obama, they have used technology to bring in huge new supplies of natural gas and oil. Obama’s people are trying to stop the progress by fighting fracking. The cost of solar and wind is being subsidized by the federal budget. Someday we will all pay the true price. Obama keeps ethanol mandates in place despite the drought. This raises gas prices and food prices. Then there’s the Keystone Pipeline. (See Jobs)

Grade: F  ( If there was an F minus he would get that. Everything he has done here is wrong)

Health and Welfare:

ObamaCare, what more can I say?

Grade: Incomplete. The future will judge this. It’s such a mess that no one knows what will happen, but the majority of Americans are uneasy.

Social Policy:

This is where this man excels. No one gives away more. Food stamps, we advertise to the public to get in line. Social security disability-hey sign up even if you don’t qualify. Illegal immigration- come on in and enjoy our free benefits. Gay marriage, I was against it but now I’m for it as the elections nears. Welfare, let’s bring it back. Unions–let’s give them GM and Chrysler and screw the bondholders and non-union retirees.  If it’s free, I’m for it. Romney says he can’t beat the 47% that depend on the government. Wait until I get that number up to 75% percent, let’s see a republican get elected to dog catcher.

Grade: A plus


No president has had his mug on TV more than this man. For the first two years it was every day. Now, he’s just on talk shows. He hasn’t had a press conference since June. He blames his failures on lack of communication. I’ve been in places where his voice alone will cause people to leave. He says he can’t change Washington from the inside. He needs the support of the public like he had with ObamaCare. What support? He had to jam it down everyone’s throats and without Justice Roberts it would be gone. When he goes off script he says things like “you didn’t build that”. Is that why he hasn’t had a press conference?

Grade: C  All for effort, none for effectiveness


Work Ethic:

Over 120 rounds of golf, numerous vacations, two years of non-stop fund raising and campaigning, and failed efforts to get the Olympic Games for Chicago, etc, don’t leave a lot of time to foster non-partisanship in Washington. It appears this man really hates the real job of being president. He loves the teleprompter and the campaign trail and those glitzy fund raisers where he is the center of attention.

Grade: C minus

Overall Grade: D

If you want a man who loves the teleprompter, can campaign with the best of them, can raise megabucks, can give stuff away better than anyone in our history, here’s your guy.

If you want someone to stop giving stuff away and roll up their sleeves and go to work fixing what Obama has broken, you might want to hire someone else.

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