“Obama 2016” Grosses $26.2 million

September/14/2012 16:39PM
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The horror show “2016 Obama’s America” is the number two political documentary of all time surpassing four of Michael Moore’s five films.

It’s based on Dnesh D’Souza’s book, “the Roots of Obama’s Rage” it has been an amazing success. A quiet success. While the media ran story after story about the Moore films: “Sicko” (2007, $24.5 million, Oscar winner, “Bowling for Columbine”(2002, $21.5 million and “Capitalism: A Love Story”(2009, $14.3 million. And, Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth, which grossed $24.1 million. Can you remember the media coverage of that movie? I can.

This from a D’Souza interview: “Between 2007 and the present, Americans have lost about 40 percent of our wealth. If we lose another 40% in the second Obama term, if there is one, that will be a loss of two-thirds. We will stop being a first-world country.”

It is hot in the battleground states of Florida, Ohio, Colorado, Virginia, Georgia, Illinois and Arizona. Believe it or not, California, New York, and Texas are in the top 10 states where the film is grossing the most.

I’v seen the movie and it is truly a horror story.

The interview with the half-brother in the hovel he lives in is truly remarkable. For such a self-proclaimed caring man, Obama obviously cares little for his brother.

He did care a lot for his late father who was a radical who died while driving drunk.

None of us really know the man. But, after seeing the movie I know too much.

All I can say is see it for yourself.

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