Democratic Priorities-Sandra Fluke

September/09/2012 16:37PM
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The Debt Clock was ticking toward $16 trillion. Most of the big wigs at the DNC knew the jobs numbers were bad for the month of August. Only 95,000 new jobs while nearly four times that many Americans dropped out of the jobs market. Gave it up. Quit looking. Gasoline prices are at an all-time high in many parts of the country. We  have a drought and farmers are going to be paid billions from the insurance fund. Billions we don’t have to pay. Food and ethanol prices are going to skyrocket driving gasoline prices even higher.

Still, the Democrats decided to give Sandra Fluke prime time to speak at the DNC. Sandra’s claim to fame was a public outcry about the fact that she wanted to insure she got free contraceptives at Georgetown Law School without co-pay. She took that complaint to Congress. She said it would cost her over $3,000 for contraceptives while in law school.

She made her speech at the DNC just ahead of Elizabeth Warren and Bill Clinton. I watched the speech and I have no idea what her point was. Somehow her issue about free contraceptives became a national crisis and anyone who didn’t agree with her hated women.  Sorry, Sandra, but in the grand scheme of issues this country faces today, your issues didn’t strike me as relevant. In fact, your issue may go a long way to define why we are in the  mess we are in today.

What shouldn’t be free and what special interest group should step forward to add the next free item to the list? But, putting that trivial issue before the entire American public and saying: “Democrats will get you free contraceptives” might be a more descriptive campaign slogan than “Forward”.

Let’s take it the whole way and make sure all of Sandra’s romantic encounters are special.

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