Chicago Teachers Go On Strike

September/11/2012 16:24PM
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Karen Lewis union President announces Chicago Puclic Schools Strike.


Let’s see if we can understand why Chicago teachers are on strike. They must be child laborers, right?  No. They must be working unreasonable hours, right? No. In fact, that’s a sticking point on labor negotiations. Chicago students have the shortest school day of any big city.

The greedy employer must be making a fortune off the backs of the workers, right? No the City is broke and the residents keep getting property tax increases they can’t afford. Any wage concessions will add more.

The business must be very successful based on the good work of the employees, right? No the business is an abject failure. The employees are not doing the job. Very few students graduate from high school and less than 5% go to college. Test scores are very low. The employees are producing an inferior product.

It’s about the kids, right? No, as Chris Christie said when a teacher pulled that on him in a town hall meeting. ” Don’t try that kids stuff on me. This is about money, pure and simple. Money we don’t have to give you. Accept what we can give or go find another career doing something else, but don’t use the kids to extract money we don’t have.”

The union believes they have the City of Chicago over a barrel. They may be right. Parents are worried that kids on the streets in Chicago may mean dead kids. Charter schools are up and running. Public schools will not open on time. Charter schools are getting kids through high school and into college. Public schools do not.

Will the great Mayor Emanuel crumble under the pressure? Or, will he just convert the entire city into charter schools and let the great striking teachers see what their employment options are in the free market? How did the air traffic controllers do when Reagan did that?

The average teacher in Chicago makes $74,000 a year, the average voter in Chicago makes $35,000.

How do you feel about failing workers demanding more  pay?

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