Why Does Arizona Want the Border Protected?

August/21/2012 16:40PM
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Five burned, unidentified bodies were found in this vehicle forty miles north of the Mexican border.

The state of Arizona and the President of the United States have been at war since Obama was elected. Arizona sees first-hand what illegal immigration means. Violence spills accross borders. Obama is indifferent to violence in Arizona. He wants Hispanic votes. That says a lot about Obama.

Here is a video with the 10 most dangerous cities in the world. Statistics are included. Please note where these cities are located.

Not content to try to stop the state from enforcing the laws of the United States regarding immigration, Obama’s people are also bringing charges against the man who was sending bad people back through ICE, Sheriff Joe.

Let’s see, law abiding citizens in Arizona, a state in the United States, are concerned about violence spilling accross a border from a country with most of the most violent cities in the world. Who does the president of the United States protect? The country with the most violent cities in the world.



Perhaps Obama should run for office in Mexico and take Holder with him. And, Janet Napolotano for good measure.


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