Newsweek Cover: ” Hit the Road, Barack”

August/20/2012 16:40PM
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Has Newsweek magazine lost it’s mind? I dropped my Newsweek subscription 15 years ago because they became the most far-left mainstream publication in the country. Now, the cover this week is this.

Then there was this:

On Saturday’s edition of NBC’s Today Show, host Lester Holt asked NBC political analyst Mark Halperin whether the debate over Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney‘s tax returns has “jumped the shark.” Halperin responded that the story still exists largely because “the press still likes this story a lot,” and “the media is very susceptible to doing what the Obama campaign wants, which is to focus on this.”

It’s pretty easy to put these two things together.

Newsweek is broke. They have watched Fox News succeed. The new owners who paid all of $1 for Newsweek have decided to scrap the liberal path. Since all of mainstream media, ex-Fox, puts out the claptrap from the Obama campaign, all are finding their ratings going in the same direction Newsweek took. In a couple of more years, MSNBC will be sold for $1.

Here’s what a new buyer at Newsweek determined. As an old marketing executive, I can make it simple. Only 35% of Americans consider themselves liberal. At one time, mainstream media had a lock on information. Today that’s not true. So, all so-called mainstream media are fighting over 35% of the total liberal market. The other 65% are leaving. Hitting the road like Barack. It’s not enough to pay the bills. People like me don’t watch network news anymore. We know what Mark Halperin confessed. You are being spun by Obama on network news.

Many Americans can’t be spun by Obama anymore and recognize the spin. They are taking it out on the spinners. I get mail from the New York Times to subscribe to their propaganda. I wouldn’t wrap my garbage in the NY Times. Paul Krugman, the worst of the worst at the NY Times, called the Newsweek cover, unethical. How would the NY Times, once a paragon of honest reporting, recognize what is unethical? Maybe Krugman should go into the old files and check what he and his paper wrote about George W. Bush.

Oh yeah, one other tidbit. Halperin is the guy who got suspended from MSNBC for saying Obama was a bit of a dick in his last news conference. It must have really hurt Obama, since he hasn’t given a news conference since. A long dry spell for the man who loves the camera. He goes on Entertainment Tonight but not if front of the press. Why would he fear the press, since he seeds the questions, calls on whomever he knows is friendly(all but Fox), and reads a scripted answer to a pre-seeded question?

Is the press, like Newsweek, mad because he has shunned them for 9 weeks? Does he fear a hardball being tossed his way? Something other than what tunes he chooses to listen to in workouts(the tough Entertainment Tonight question)?

Bill O’Reilly, the man who knows everything, is on record saying the friendly media will mean 2-3% points in Obama’s favor in this election. Listening to Bill explain how he got that number would be fun. Like asking Obama how ObamaCare doesn’t increase the deficit ,even though his own bean counters say it will add $1.1 trillion to the deficit.

Crazy times. But, Newsweek may be the first of those who depend on readers, viewers, and advertisers to realize the price they pay to push their politics.

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