Comparing VP Options

August/12/2012 16:11PM
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Here’s one debate I won’t miss when it’s televised. Paul Ryan and Joe Biden.





Ryan is generally always considered the smartest man in the room. Biden has to have his foot extracted from his mouth on a regular basis. The liberal media always defends him, “it’s just Joe being, Joe”. No it isn’t, it’s a career politician who needs to retire. Joe Biden epitomizes why we all detest congress. He’s old and tired and becoming senile. His time as the backslapping symbol of how to succeed in Washington is past.

Ryan on the other hand is the new wave. He actually took time and made an effort to understand the complex federal budget. Joe can’t log on to his computer to find his Facebook page. Ryan works at his job. Joe never did.

Supposedly thousands say they were there when Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in an NBA game. Film shows a few hundred in the stands. It was such a momentous feat everyone wants a part of the moment.

Paul Ryan will score over 100 points when he debates Joe Biden. Joe will be carried out on a stretcher. You will see something rare. A politician who doesn’t need to be briefed to prepare for a debate against one who can’t be briefed. In Paul Ryan the Republican party has a young Ronald Reagan. A 42 year old who has the courage to address what no one else will face. Social Security and Medicaid are going broke. Changes have to be made. Not radical changes for those of us who are of age to qualify for the benefits, but for future generations. He knows it so well he can explain it and why we need to take steps to protect our kids and grand kids.

Joe Biden needs to start drawing his social security. Oh, that’s right, politicians have a much better plan than ordinary folks. Maybe Ryan can fix that too.

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